It Must Be Love and the Cartography of Quilts

“It must be love.”  There is no other way to explain what would compel Aaron to invite me to join HIM and Abbey at Quilt Exhibit at the University of Utah this morning.  It’s been years since I dragged him along with me in and out of quilt shops.  He’d do just about anything under the sun for Abbey, even look at old quilts!

So we joined Abbey and her mom, Susan, and went to enjoyed this small but interesting display of quilts called “Handsttitched Worlds, The Cartography of Quilts.”  I especially liked these words that introduced the display:

“There is something alchemical about a quilt.  Ordinary materials are transformed into something wholly extraordinary that–piece by piece, block by block–embodies an accumulation of profound creativity and vision.  Like many objects rooted in the everyday, quilts have the capacity to communicate stories about the context in which they were made and used.  They represent maps of the quilters lives–living records of cultural traditions, rites of passage, relationships, political and spiritual beliefs, landmark events and future aspirations.  In the same way, a map is a pocket-sized abstraction of the world beyond what can be seen, in a quilt, a maker’s choice of fabric and design reveals insights into the topography of her world and place within it.”

My favorite quilt was one very similar to a quilt I’ve made–Civil War era patches.

Here’s the quilt I made 2-3 years ago that’s similar:

How fun to see Aaron enjoying the quilts, but mostly enjoying being with Abbey!

This evening John and I watched more of the Olympics.  Of course I worked on some quilt pieces while we watched.

These little half square triangles were trimmed from the quilt I put together this week.  I can’t bear to throw any scraps away, each piece will find a home in the next project.

Below is my 2nd heart quilt, pieced now and ready to be quilted.  It will be a gift for Claire’s 28th birthday next week.

I love quilts, the maps of my life.  They are one of the lasting evidences that I lived and that I loved.

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