A Sewing Sort of Week

It’s been a sewing sort of week.  I’ve been sewing and pressing these little half square triangles out of scraps and strips and leftovers from other projects.  I’m afraid my FTC (failure to count) problem has kicked in again.  I get going on something and I don’t stop.  I’m going to make these half square triangles into adorable little pinwheels and put them all together into a quilt.  They hardly make a dent in my fabric piles–they seem to just come out of nowhere–a strip here, a piece there–and before you know it, I’ll have a spectacular quilt!

I’ve also put together another batch of pillowcases for the grandkids.  I’m going through a bin of fabric that’s been waiting for this day.  When I asked Adam which ones he wanted for his kids, he said, “how many can we take?”  That was the right answer.  I told him as many as he wanted.  I can always make more!

I have one more batch of about ten in the works.  I am very happy about how little fabric went into the trash this week.

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  1. Chris Pocock says:

    You can’t beat combining quilting and friends for a winning day. Thanks for sharing your life through your writings and photography. Chris P.

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