160 Women, 160 Sewing Machines, 1 Room

This week I and 160 other women showed up at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah for Amy McClellan’s Under the Garden Moon Retreat 2022.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a long long time!

I didn’t miss quilting while I was in Africa, but when I returned I realized how good it felt to be back in my quilting world, with quilting friends I’ve known for years.  This year 160 women came.  It was a huge room full of energy, excitement and creative juices flowing!  It was a delight to be there.

My packing list this year included my machine, plexiglass table top for my machine, small table, cutting mats, rulers, ironing pad, small iron, pre-wound bobbins, and all my notions and tools (scissors, pins, rulers, measuring tape, extra machine needles, oil, canned air to blow dust out of my machine, rotary cutter and extra blades, note pad, etc.)

I took 7 different projects to choose from to work on: small half square triangles to make pinwheels, half square triangles left over from my Mountain Top quilt to make a scrappy half triangle quilt, a snowball quilt that’s been in the making for a dozen or more years, Wensleydale, and enough strips to sew 2 Story Time quilt in brights. I also threw in fabric for a Happy Dresden quilt.  I had enough sewing to last me a month or more!

The first night the ladies teaching classes showed the projects their students would be working on.

Here are the half square triangles I worked on the first day.  These are all cut from scraps I had on hand.  I got a little carried away.

These are the finished pinwheels I took home to press–almost 600 of them!

These are the 80 blocks I worked on the 2nd day–for my Story Time quilt in these cheery bright fabrics.

And on the 3rd day, I worked on my Wensleydale quilt.

Here’s how the blocks came together after the retreat:

The second evening we had a wonderful trunk show by these 3 delightful ladies from American Fork.  They represented their quilt group, showing dozens of quilts they’ve worked on in the last 6 or 7 years.   These are a few of my favorites:

It was fun to see the same quilt made by different women with different fabrics.

Quilt backs can also be interesting!

 One of my favorite things about a quilt retreat (besides the hours of uninterrupted sewing) is wandering around the room to see what everyone else is working on.  It’s heavenly to be surrounded by good people who are creating beautiful things.  Here are some of the pics I took in my wanderings:

We could stay up as late as we wanted each night.  I like the quiet late hours too.  It’s calm and the time feels like a bonus.

This is Amy McClellan’s family.  They’ve been helping her host a retreat for years now.  We loving being part of this quilting family.  We are already talking about next year!

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