A Grand Musical Production: A Pinegar Family Tradition

Tonight we were introduced to a huge Pinegar Family Tradition.  The night before anyone in their extended family gets married, the family puts on a full Broadway theater production, re-written to fit the story of the young couple.  Abbey’s aunts re-write the script and the music and add all the props.  It’s a big deal.  Every family member is invited to participate with speaking or musical parts.  The only rehearsal is held the hour or two before the show.  I had no idea what to expect when we showed up at local stake center.  I was absolutely astounded!

Every person was handed a personalized script for their portion of the program.  I watched the rehearsal with my jaw dropped.  This is a seriously fun family and they have skills!

After the rehearsal and before the show, we enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Costa Vida.  We had pork or chicken salads with all the toppings, chips and salsa.  There were taquitos for the little kids and BYU brownies for dessert.

Brown paper packages tied up with strings were on each table.

And then the show began.  I’ve copied the entire script with all the lyrics at the end of this post, just to keep it safe for posterity.

A highlight of the show was a pre-recorded song sung by the fathers to the tune of Eidelweiss,  Abbey’s father, Kevin was at home tonight, resting after cancer treatments.  He hasn’t been able to be in crowds of people because of the COVID risk.  He and John sang “My Advice” instead of Eidelweiss.  It was tender and good.  You can enjoy it here:

Here are a few family photos taken after the show:

Abbey and her siblings:

Abbey’s aunts, who created this production, told me they do this for each engaged couple the night before each marriage.  They want the bride and groom to feel the love of their families surrounding them as they go to make sacred covenants.  They said it’s important that we all meet, as one big family, before we are in the temple together, so when we arrive there, we are friends.  Friends forever.

These were the props:

And here is the full script:

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