Grandma Elsa’s Unfinished House Dress Quilt

When Grandma died, she left a few unfinished quilt tops.  This was one.  It’s nothing fancy.  No one wanted it.  I think it’s charming because when I pull it out, I remember Grandma’s dresses.  She sewed almost all of her clothing, down to her undergarments.

Grandma always wore dresses.  This quilt is made from the fabric of 3 of her practical house dresses.  She always wore an apron with pockets  over her dresses, pinned at the top to her chest.  I wish I had some pictures of Grandma in those every-day dresses and aprons.  No one ever thought to take those kinds of pictures back then.

Grandma had this quilt marked and ready to hand quilt.  I loved turning this corner to see how she mitered and pieced the corners, even using different muslin fabrics.  This is a true practical utility quilt that I will have quilted and completed in honor of true and practical Grandma Elsa.

Here’s a closer look at the fabrics:

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