Baby Vivian’s Baby Blessing

This evening Heidi’s Robins family joined the Lewis family to celebrate baby Vivy.  We ate up all the leftovers from yesterday’s reception party, then gathered as Adam gave Vivian a name and a blessing, which will be hers on the records of the church from now on.

Heidi’s maternal grandparents, Harold and Judy Anderson

These are the fine men who stood in the circle as Vivian was blessed.  She was surrounded by loving family, uncles and grandfathers.

Heidi with her parents, Tammy and Kipp Robins

Heidi’s maternal grandparents, Harold and Judy Anderson

Heidi’s paternal grandparents, Moreno and LaVinia Robins

What a huge blessing it is to be surrounded by loving family.  We are mindful of family members who have already returned Home who helped prepare Vivian to join us here.  The circle of life continues.

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