Bushman Reunion Day #4 Old Nauvoo Homes and Establishments

For the rest of the afternoon, we had free time to explore Old Nauvoo.  We walked through as many homes and businesses as we had time for.  There are a lot of photos in the post.  Don’t feel obligated.  They are here for me to revisit and remember as I imagine what is was like to live here then.

The Seventies Hall:

An exhibition of artifacts and excavated items upstairs in the Seventies Hall:

Out buildings:

The Blacksmith and Wagon-making shops were especially interesting to me.  Theodore Turley, my 3rd Great-grandpa was a blacksmith and gunsmith in Nauvoo.

We learned that every family was in charge of making their own wheel spokes before the exodus.  There were simply too many for the wheel maker to make himself.  The patterns and instructions were given out and everyone was in charge of their own.

We also learned that the wheels needed to be greased and serviced every few days as they traveled west.  Maintenance was time consuming and hard.

Brigham Young’s Home:

For making pie crusts:

The Pendleton Home and Log School:

A home where Lucy Mack Smith lived at the end of her life:

The Brickyard:

Other homes we didn’t enter:

The Printing Office:

The John Taylor Home:

The Browning Home and Gunsmith Shop:

Another old cabin home behind the Browning home:

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