Bushman Reunion Day #4 Our Banquet, Program, and Family Artifacts

We had a wonderful evening celebrating family, ancestors and descendants.  This is the conclusion of the main part of our reunion.  Tomorrow’s optional activities will take many of us to Lincoln’s country, then back to St. Louis.

Tonight we feasted together and then had a wonderful program with music and displays of family artifacts and some closing words by Richard Bushman and John Carmack.

Here are some notes I took from Elder Carmack’s closing remarks:

“Lessons Learned from Martin and Elizabeth in Nauvoo.” 
1. Take care of your parents.
2. Center your life on the Temple. Remember the covenants you’ve made, the principles, the teachings. There is safety and protection from temple blessings.
3. Sacrifice for each other, and for the gospel’s sake. After loss, move on with faith and carry on.
4. Face hardships with courage and faith
5. Value old friends. Stay in touch. Don’t forget them.
6. Be self reliant. The Bushmans spent 4 years in Highland Grove saving to go west.
7. Value education. The Bushmans helped to build the first school in Lehi.
8. Serve in the community and serve others.
9. Take seriously the counsel to multiply and replenish the earth.
10. Hyrum Smith gave Martin & Elizabeth their Patriarchal Blessings. Learn from yours.
11. Leave a message for your posterity. Help them to know who you are. Leave words.

Here are some of the art by family members and artifacts that were displayed around the room.  Some are real treasures!

 It was hard to pull ourselves away this evening to load the buses again.  We all wanted to linger, feeling the love we have for this wonderful Bushman family.

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