The Thimble Creek Quilters

About 40 years ago the Utah Valley Quilt Guild was created.  Many of these ladies helped to make that happen (I was living in Africa at the time.)  The guild continues to this day, blessing the lives of many quilters in the valley.

A few years after the UVQG was organized, this small group started meeting together.  I joined the group a few years later.  Most of us are past presidents of the guild and share our passion for quilting.  We meet in one of our homes every Wednesday from 10:00 to 2:00, sharing our stitching and a good lunch.  It’s one of the highlights of my week.

Over the years, we have lost a few of our dear quilting friends–Karen Parkinson, Geneal Cutler, Joan Browning, and Seiko Higgins–and we have invited others to join us.  We call ourselves The Thimble Creek Quilters and we have a sweet little  initiation  ceremony to induct new members.  We go to Karen Ashton’s Wallsburg home and toss a thimble into the creek or pond there.

Today we met in Wallsburg and our newer members got to toss their thimbles.

But first we enjoyed a delicious lunch in the barn.  This isn’t just any barn–it’s a barn to top all barns!

Marsha Livingstone’s daughter married our famous local J-Dawgs entrepreneur, Jason.  She provided our lunch today.

Here’s a fun look around the barn:

After lunch we went to the pond (the water in the creek was too low) and a few more thimbles joined the others from previous years.

Here’s our little group today:

Ann, Melissa Clark, Karen Ashton, Marsha Livingstone, Penny Stephenson, Helen Clegg, Karin Crawford, Sharon Geurts, Ann Takasaki and Lisa Johnson I love these ladies and the time we get to spend together each week.  We often say, “My soul is fed by needle and thread.”  It’s also fed by friendship, good food and time spent together.

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