Grandma Elsa’s Rocking Chair

I grew up on the farm next door to my Grandparents, Rudolf and Elsa Laemmlen.  I walked over to their house almost daily as I was growing up.  Grandma would sit in this rocking chair by her window and see me coming down the driveway.

When Grandma and Grandpa died, we each got to request one item from their home as things were divvied between their children and grandchildren.  I asked for this rocking chair.  It holds so many childhood memories for me.  Grandma would sit here and tell me stories.  My favorites were those about when she took her boys camping in the summer at Hume Lake.  Uncle Frank had terrible asthma and the mountain air helped him breathe better.  They camped in a tent and cooked over a fire.  Sometimes the bears came.  The bear stories were my favorites.

I love and miss my Grandma and her stories.  I love having this rocking chair in our home as a reminder of her and the times we spent together.

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