A Dinosaur Birthday Quilt for Clark!

Next week is Clark’s 6th birthday!  I’ve decided I need to make a few more kid-friendly quilts that can be dragged around — in the car, to soccer games, in the yard.  Clark loves dinosaurs, so I picked out these fabrics for him and made a quick quilt he will love.

To make this quilt, you need at least nine fat quarters.  You trim them to 20.5 inches. Then cut four strips, 4.5 x 20.5 inches for a total of 36 strips. You’ll only need 35 strips for the quilt.  You can arrange them how you like with 5 horizontal strips equaling the length of one vertical strip.

It took about an hour to cut this one out and about an hour to put it together.  Fast and easy.  I hope he uses it and loves wrapping up in it.

Here is our dino-loving birthday boy.  The quilt is in the mail!

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