What I do during General Conference Weekends

I bind quilts.  That’s what I do.  This weekend, I finished binding 4 quilts–a 2nd dinosaur quilt for some future child, my Zaggy Squares, a Dresden Plate, and an ancestral quilt in blue and white that I recently had quilted.  More on that one later.

We also enjoyed some good food and our beautiful surroundings.  But best of all were the words of our Prophet and church leaders.

President Russell M. Nelson:

The complexities and challenges of the world leave many feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  Making and keeping covenants makes life easier.  The Savior has promised: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28). “Those who live the higher laws of Jesus Christ have access to His higher power. Thus, covenant-keepers are entitled to a special kind of rest.”

Because Jesus Christ overcame the world and atoned for all of God’s children, all can overcome the world with His help. Overcoming the world means overcoming the temptation to care more about the things of the world than the things of God. It means loving Him and His Son more than anyone or anything else. By seeking for and following the promptings of the Spirit and striving to live His higher laws, “the Savior lifts us above the pull of this fallen world by blessing us with greater … rest.”

“My plea to you this morning is to fi nd rest from the intensity, uncertainty and anguish of this world by overcoming the world through your covenants with God. … Cherish and honor your covenants above all other commitments. As you let God prevail in your life, I promise you greater peace, confidence, joy and, yes, rest.”

Here’s a better look at the Zaggy Squares and the Dresden Plate quilts:


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