Hunkering Down. Winter is Coming

Today is that day where we batten down the hatches and prepare for a coming storm.  They say it may snow this weekend.  We’ve closed the pool and the tennis court and brought in the pickle ball net and the outdoor furniture.  This day always makes me feel sad.  Our glorious Fall is coming to an end.

John has been doing some serious lilac bush pruning.

I went to work in my garden, bringing in one last harvest before it freezes tonight.  There are 100s of green tomatoes that won’t ripen.  I’m sad for them.

I’ve picked the peppers and squash and harvested enough herbs to enjoy in the coming weeks.

I think the kale might weather the storm.  We don’t eat much kale.  Next year it’s going into the flower beds.  It’s a lovely plant.

There are a few last roses and daisies.  I hate to see them go.

Here’s the harvest, safe inside:

And now we wait.  The winds are blowing, the leaves are falling.  I’m wearing flannel snowman pants and a BYU t-shirt that don’t match.  I can do that because I’m old and 0ld people don’t have to match.  I’m not sure I’m ready to welcome winter.

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