The Process Begins: Meeting my Surgeon

I’m feeling more calm and more happy today after meeting with Dr Jennifer Tittensor, who will do the surgery on my breast.  She went over the biopsy results with me and the news is good.  The tumor is small–only 3 mm.  It’s a grade 1, or slow-growing type.  It has positive estrogen and progesterone receptors, which will help if I need chemo treatments.

Dr Jennifer does most of the breast surgeries in this valley, using a special technique that’s been very successful.  You can read about it in the article below, if you like.  I thought it was fascinating.

Next month we’d planned to spend a week with Claire and Graham who are temporarily living in Germany, then we 4 planned to travel to Israel for 2 weeks during Christmas.  When we talked about that trip with Dr Tittensor, she said, “Take The Trip!!  We can deal with this when you get back.”   That was happy news.  I am looking forward to this distraction before the surgery in January after we return.  I am feeling hopeful and confident that I’m in good hands.

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