A Night in a Bedouin Camp

Last night we came to this interesting Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum.  Wadi is the word for “valley” and this desert park was filled with valleys and mountains and so much sand.  It’s also filled with tourist camps.  The rooms are made to look like Bedouin tents, but they are built of cement block and covered inside and outside with woven camel hair blankets or fabric.

The light colored dome rooms cost about $300-400 per night.  They have a glass front that looks out on the beautiful landscape.  They’re called “bubble rooms.”

Here’s what our room looked like, with a small bathroom and shower:

Our dinner was delicious.  These camps are set up to feed 100s of people who come in with different tour groups.  We watched as they uncovered our meat cooking underground in a traditional pit.

The buffet was incredible.

After dinner we enjoyed local musicians, song and dance.

We left early this morning to drive to Petra.

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