Christmas Eve Day in Jerusalem

Sabbath is celebrated here on Saturday.  Friday is the day of worship for the Muslims and Sunday for Christians.  Our church meetings at the Jerusalem Center are held on Saturdays.  After walking to our new home in the Old City, the heavens opened and rains poured down.  We rested until the storm passed, then went out into the Old City.

Here are some of the interesting things we saw in our neighborhood:

This woman is selling raisins outside our hospice.

We stopped here for falafels.

So many bakeries and fresh juice vendors!

Our plan was to spend Christmas Eve in Bethlehem.  This afternoon we walked to the Lion’s Gate, also called St. Stephen’s Gate, to find local transport.  Tradition says Stephen, the first martyr was stoned nearby.  Lion’s Gate is near the Pools of Bethesda, the Via Dolorosa, and the markets, and became famous during the Six Day War. 

We were grateful for a break in the rain.

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