The Cardo, an Ancient Street in Jerusalem

We walked through the old Cardo, or what used to be a main street in old Jerusalem. They’ve got mosaic murals there depicting different things that were sold on that street. One was a fabric shop!

The cities of the Ancient Roman Empire had a special tradition of decorating main roads with spectacular stone columns. These streets were called “Cardo” and Jerusalem, just like any other Roman city, had a Cardo of its own. This ancient street originates at Damascus Gate in the north, running southwards through the Old City, terminating at Zion Gate.

Evidence for the existence of this ancient Cardo were first found on a mosaic map of Jerusalem. The map was discovered on the floor of a Byzantine church located in Midba town in Moav Mountains. This Midba map served as an ancient graphic source to teach the locals about Jerusalem.

The north side of the Cardo, from Damascus Gate to David Street, was built during the Roman period in Jerusalem.

It’s interesting to see the items sold in this Jewish Quarter.  This man is weaving prayer shawls:

Today’s shops sit right on these ancient pavements, the old with the new.

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