The Garden Tomb

From Gethsemane, we walked down the Kidron Valley, back towards the Old City, but staying without the walls, we went north to the Garden Tomb, another traditional site of Jesus’s burial.  There is no absolute evidence that this tomb held the broken body of Jesus.  There are many tombs similar to this one in the area.  What is possible is that Jesus was buried near here in a tomb similar to this one.  The important thing is that after the 3rd day, he rose from his tomb, resurrected and glorified, and his resurrection makes ours possible.  Oh, what a gift!

This tomb is in a beautiful garden that many visit.  The grounds are peaceful and quiet.  There is a sense of reverence here.

We found a secluded spot here where we listened to Rob Gardner’s “Lamb of God” music, retelling the events that happened at the tomb.  His music moves us.

A wine press has been excavated in this garden area.

When I was a student in 1979, I came here often,  Here’s a piece I wrote about my visits to this Garden Tomb:

A Lesson From the Daisies

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