Out the Damascus Gate to Mahane Yehuda Market

This bakery is right outside our hospice and we have enjoyed stopping there as we come and go.

Today we headed out the Damascus Gate to visit a fun market not far from here.

I think these good women have been selling their produce outside the Damascus Gate for years.  They are always there!  I remember them from 40 years ago!

We stopped in at this Russian Orthodox Church on our way.

Then Claire needed a falafel from this famous falafel shop.

This is the Mahane Yehuda Market.  Most of the market is covered and we enjoyed wandering through the different streets.  In these kinds of markets, you can get a real good feel for daily life and what people eat and enjoy.  The foods are so colorful and fun!  Lots of shops give out samples if you want to try something.

It was fun to watch Halva being made here in this shop.  It’s made from pressed sesame seeds and you can buy it in any imaginable flavor.  So yummy!

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