Who Tires of the Colors and Sights in the Old City? Not I.

Everywhere you look, it’s interesting, colorful and fun!  Here are some more images from the Old City and our wanderings today.

Notice the ancient walls and pavements in these shops.

Stopping for our cheese sandwiches (packed from our breakfast at the hospice).

I especially love the textiles–the art is so beautiful.

Here’s a fun spot up on the rooftops of the Jewish quarter Claire remembered visiting when she lived here.


This particular shop reminded me a little of my sewing room!

Spice shops like this are so fragrant.

The streets are narrow and crowded.  This is how the trash is picked up.  Each shop owner has a broom and a bucket to keep their area clean.

This woman sits at the steps of our hospice every day selling beautiful raisins and greens.

And these Arab boys come together every day to play by our hospice.  There’s enough cramped room in the street here to kick a soccer ball.  They sure have fun.

The views again from the roof of our hospice.  We can’t get enough of this place!

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