Northern Israel

Next we drove to the border where we could look down a ravine/valley to see the fence separating Lebanon from Israel. It was windy and cold.  Here are some fun food trucks from that stop:

After a good look at Lebanon, we all got back to the bus to go to the Banias Springs. I remember swimming here as a student. The water was lower now and I don’t think they let you swim in the huge pools anymore. We enjoyed walking through the wooded areas to the excavations of a site called the Sanctuary of Pan where they worshiped Pan and made sacrifices. There were different temples to various gods from different time periods there. It was nice to be out in nature in a beautiful place, but sad to think of the other gods the people worshiped there.

Fig trees turning yellow.

Then we went to a designated lunch stop. Everyone had a big falafel meal. We didn’t go into the dining area, but ate from our bag of snacks in another room. We are happy to save the money and eat lighter. We take bread and cheese at breakfast and some fruit. John has a bag of candy and German chocolates. We are happy.

Next we drove to a high place that was a lookout during the wars, up in the Golan Heights.  We saw old army bunkers and barricades and read about the wars fought here with Syria and countries to the north in more recent years.  Very very windy and cold.

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