Visiting Capernaum and the excavations there

We drove the short distance to Capernaum this morning.  There is also a 1st Century Synagogue here where Jesus most likely taught. We explored the excavations. Found the same carvings in the stone that we saw in the pulpit stone in Magdala, with the rosette flower and the traveling ark of the covenant. There’s a menorah in some of the capitals of the pillars. These excavation sites have been made into beautiful garden areas for visitors. So many buses of visitors come here. We sat in the synagogue and felt the place. I look at the stone pavements and wonder “who has walked here??”

Capernaum is where Jesus lived, as he went out to preach from there.  It’s right on the Sea of Galilee, so there were lots of fishermen there. Mikvah baths in the area and stone homes or shops surround the synagogue. Towns were small then.  The homes were all built of stone with thick walls and small rooms.


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