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John and I continue to serve as the Chairs of the Activities Committee in our Ward and neighborhood.  We are the Party Planners.  This evening we had our first Good Grub Dinner Club event since COVID.  It’s good to be back in each other’s homes, enjoying good meals.

We first did this activity several years ago (John & I were in charge then too) and it was a great success.  We’ve been looking forward to this evening for a long time.  Here’s how it works:  We sent around sign-up sheets for a few weeks.  Neighbors could choose to host a group in their home, or be assigned to go to another’s home and help bring some food.  Here’s the reminder we sent out last week:

Stonewood 4th Ward
Dear Ward members:
We are looking forward to next week’s ward activity, the Good Grub Dinner Club small-group dinners, on Friday, Feb. 10, at 6:30pm. This unique club meets just once a year, so reserve your place at the table now! All adults are invited. You’ll enjoy dinner in your host’s home while visiting with good friends, then gather with all the other groups for dessert at the 200 West building (665 S 200 W). Your host will contact you in the next week with details.
If you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet, please email John Lewis at with the following information and your place will be reserved.

The ward provided chicken meat to each hostess to prepare in any way she chose.  She asked those assigned to her home to bring side dishes, and one to prepare a dessert to take to the church afterwards.

This evening we all had great meals, then met together here at the church for dessert.  Come take a look at these happy neighbors!  We live in such a great place!

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