Some of My Quilt Projects at Indian Wells

While John watched tennis, I sewed.  It was a heavenly arrangement for both of us!!  At the end of our 10 days in Indian Wells, here are some pics of the projects I worked on.

I made enough blocks of these low volume fabrics for a couple of small quilts:

I loved making these Dresden Plate pieces (see previous post):

I stitched and prepped applique blocks to work on during tennis matches on the days I joined John and for our drive to and from Utah:

I put together a pile of 9-patch blocks for a fun and simple Irish Chain with these low volume background fabrics.  I still need to assemble the alternating blocks of the backgrounds.

I pieced a pile of these blocks made up from strips I cut about 20 years ago.  These may turn into some baby quilts for friends.

And I sewed large 9-patches to be sub-cut into blocks for a quilt I’m making for a friend.  This is called the “Disappearing Nine Patch” method:

It was a Great Get-Away.  I love diving into my projects and I enjoyed being with John in his favorite place.  We were a bit sad to leave when the time came.

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