2023 Record Snowfall in Utah

The mountains this year are spectacular.  Utah is having the best winter ever, with record-breaking snowfall.  Some of our Utah resorts have more than 800″ of snow!  That’s almost 70 feet!  Imagine that!

We finally had some warm days this week and the snowpack in our mountains is beginning to melt.  Last night a river flowed down 1700 South and 1500 East in Salt Lake City.  Last night neighborhoods turned out like soldiers armed with sandbags, lining the streets there and guarding their homes.

We have been praying for snow, rain and moisture for many years.  Our prayers have been heard.  Now we must process the abundance as we prepare for the flooding that will come.

Below are 2 pictures from Sundance last week.

This is the driveway at our cabin:

We are all remembering 1983 (yes, 40 years ago!), the year the mountains drained into our valleys.  I was a student at BYU, living with my friend Mary Ellen Edmunds in Mapleton, south of Provo.  It was the year before we went to to live in Nigeria.

The freeway south of Provo was sandbagged because the ground water around Utah Lake rose until the water came to the edges of the freeway.  Driving there felt like driving on a bridge.  The water filled the median between the lanes.  We felt surrounded.

Here’s a photo of what happened in Salt Lake when State Street was turned into a river!

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