Our Laemmlen Family Reunion, Reedley 2023

Ann, Eric, Paul Laemmlen, siblings

We had a great day!!  I loved being with my cousins and uncles and their families once again.  When we were young, we got together every Easter at Avocado Lake or Roeding Park Zoo for an Easter egg hunt or picnic.  We also celebrated Thanksgivings and Christmas times together at Grandma’s house, and later in our various homes.  We cousins saw each other often as we grew up together.

We missed Dad this year.  Our Patriarch has graduated.  Kris was here to represent him.

Leslie and Kris Laemmlen

Marietta and Uncle Wilfred Laemmlen

We got to meet Angela, Brent’s new wife.  He sadly lost our cousin, Juli to Covid.  We’re so happy he’s found a wonderful companion.

Brent and Angela Bakker

Frank and Anne Laemmlen

Cousins: Beth Revoire, Louise Pecher, Jessie Ataide

Take a look at how Mark grilled the tri-tip–it’s hanging from hooks in a barrel oven.

Mark and Eric Laemmlen

Ruth Ataide with Brent and Angela Bakker

Cousins Donna Moorehouse and Ruth Ataide

Cousins, Ann Lewis, Elly Alvarado, Leslie Laemmlen and Ruth Ataide

Uncle Henry and Ruth Laemmlen

Rick and Donna Moorehouse

Our beloved Uncles!

Uncles: Henry & Ruth, Wilfred & Marietta, Frank & Anne

Grandma & Grandpa’s children and grandchildren:

Direct descendants of Rudolf & Elsa Laemmlen Front row left to right: Eric, John, Henry, Wilfred and Frank Laemmlen. Back row: Elly, Donna, Ruth, Beth, Marietta, Paul, Anne, Ann, Louise, Ruth, Mark

Grandma & Grandpa’s children and grandchildren with great-grandchildren:

Direct line Laemmlen Descendants (cousins, aunts and uncles).

Everyone attending minus those who left early:

The whole group with in-laws!

Some of Henry Laemmlen’s kids

Ruth Laemmlen Ataide

Jesse Laemmlen, Beth Laemmlen Revoire, Randy Ataide

Marietta and Will, Anne and Frank

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