My Bits and Pieces Quilt–The Chunks Come Together

This week in my spare moments, I’ve been working on this “Crumb Quilt.”  It’s symbolic in so many ways.  Each little piece in this quilt is leftover from one of a dozen or more quilts I’ve made in the last 20 years.  Almost all of these pieces were scraps cut off the ends of strips or saved from applique projects.  Hardly any pieces were cut to make this fun quilt.  And the pic below is the ENTIRE amount I trimmed from the blocks as I went along.

To make this quilt, I matched a random scrap with another random scrap that was the same size.  After pressing the twos, I sewed them into fours, then eights like these:

Each chunk was ironed, then trimmed if needed before combining it with another like-sized chunk.  My chunks grew and grew, all were different sizes.  I didn’t want to have any obvious seams.  If one chunk was a bit smaller than another, I’d sew a strip or a pieced strip on to the short side, trimming and squaring them as I went.

When I got to the bottom of my tub of scraps, I took my chunks and laid them out on the floor like a puzzle, trying to find the best way to put them together.  When there was a hole, I pieced, sewed and trimmed a chunk of pieced sashing or strips of fabric.

Here’s how I added to an outer edge that was a little bit shy of the rest of the edge:

It’s coming together!

It wasn’t hard to fit it all together into a beautiful whole.

Here’s the finished quilt:

Update:  Now it’s quilted by my good friend, Penny, and waiting to be bound!

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