This ‘n That, Spring 2023

Here are a few odds and ends of life in our compound this month.  I wish things didn’t wear out or need repair.  I learned in my 5th grade science class with Mr. Friesen that things eventually move towards chaos and disrepair.  It’s always a battle to keep up with maintenance and making life better.

We’ve been working on our wood fences.  They are almost 30 years old and many sections were falling apart.

The back wall in the back yard is completed and John’s been busy planting a new crop of shrubs and trees to fill in the spaces we had to clear out to build the fence.  This tree is is a beautiful flowering Prairifire Crabapple.  It will be spectacular!

The pumpkin patch is prepped and weeded and my berry vines are taking hold.

Our dryer died.  The no longer make this model, so we are looking for a new one, sad it won’t match.

Our neighbor is determined to remove any living or growing thing from his premises.  The fake grass he put in (over roadbase) has been sprouting weeds, so he’s not happy.  Next he’ll remove the last of the trees and bushes from the front and pour more cement.  Every living thing will soon be gone.  So sad.

And at the cabin, we have dozens of fallen trees.  The heavy snows this year bent and broke so many, and as the deep snow melted, the trees laid gently down, several on the cabin.  There is a good deal of work to do cleaning up when the rest of the snow melts.

This mound is the snow that was pushed off the driveway.  It’s probably 15′ deep.

On a happier note, I’m enjoying the sweet grapefruit I picked in Reedley.  It’s delicious and a taste of the home farm.

I’ve finished the king-sized top of a quilt I’m making for a friend who chose these colors and pattern.  I decided to make a smaller one for his children as a bonus.  These will be off to the quilter next, “Big Blue” and “Small Blue.”

We got a shipment of Pascal’s carvings from Mali–Noah’s Arks with animals marching two by two!  They are so fun.

These are just a few of the odds and ends of things going on around here this month as we move into summer.  We keep busy.

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