Newport Beach June 9-22-2023

Since raising up Claire, my role as family photographer has relaxed immensely.  She’s taken over with her professional photographer’s eye.  I just snap a few pics here and there for the fun of it.  Claire is the real deal now.  Here are a few of my pics from our time at Newport, an overview of what we do here, how we play, how we love being together.

Aaron drove with us.  Claire, Graham and Abbey flew in a few days later, Then Heidi and the 4 kids flew in.  For a few days, we divided into 2 villas, then our numbers thinned again as the workers had to return to their jobs, leaving us with only Heidi and the kids the last few days.  It was a pretty perfect holiday for everyone.

We go to the beach for part of almost every day.  We swim in the resort pools.  We eat when we’re hungry.  We read books and watch movies.  We love spending this time together in a care-free and relaxing place.

Here we are facetiming with Dr Adam, who started his 2nd year of residency at St Louis University Hospital this summer.  We are missing him here!

I took my traditional box of books and we worked our way through it.  This year, aside from reading dozens of books to the kids, I finished reading 2 series I’ve been loving this summer–The Great Brain books (8 in the series) by John D. Fitzgerald, and the Flavia de Luce series (10 in the series) by Alan Bradley.  It was my 2nd time reading The Great Brain, a series I love dearly.

The kids love playing Wingspan and Monopoly Go, and we all love Mormon Bridge.

The kids loved some of the fun at the activity center, like this Princesses and Pirates party:

When we weren’t at the beach, we went to the pools here at the restort.

We listened to this little ditty more times than we every wanted to:

I had a wonderful visit from my dear friend, Kitty Butner.  We’ve been friends since we worked together at the MTC in 1984!


Our final day, last meal, before taking Heidi and the kids to the airport to fly to SLC.  Then we got in our car, alone, and headed home too.

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