Summer Fun!

Heidi and the kids are with us for 6 1/2 weeks this summer.  Adam was only able to leave his work at the hospital in St Louis for 1 week.  He spent that week with Heidi and her family at Lake Powell (with 20 adults and 25 kids under age 13) on a houseboat.

We got to see Adam for a few hours as he came and went.  Enough time to snap a photo and present him with his glow in the dark eyeball pillowcase.  He’ll take it with him to the hospital for those all-nighters.

Here are some of the fun things we’ve been doing with the kids:

Lots and lots of puzzles:

A crazy big snow cone:

Watching Grandpa plant about 1500 Vinca plants in what used to be struggling grass along Main Street:

Making muffins:


Vivy loved pulling down the family photo to see her dad:

Claire and Graham flew in for a week for her work meetings.  We picked blackberries together:

A visit to the touring Tabernacle:

Making a doll quilt:

Picking garden produce:

Catching Sphinx moths, butterflies and dragonflies:

Typing with Grandpa:

And Margot using (inhaling) chapstick:

She went through a new tube in one week.  She loves chapstick more than just about anything!

We are having so much fun!!  This kids are a delight.

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