Did we just step away and drop down?

I’ve been thinking about what it’s like to just walk away from our home and our stuff, with food left in the fridge and freezer, clothes in the closet, my office piles everywhere, and our lives not put away.  I am wondering if we just left things when we came to earth.  Did we just step away and drop down, leaving the place we lived, the things we were doing, the projects we were working on?  When we die, will we go back to those places, those things, those projects?  It’s an interesting thought to me that I’ve never considered before.  It makes me a little bit excited to think of returning to a place I created before I came here, perhaps with unfinished projects waiting for my return.  Will I just slip back in to where I left off?  What will my place look like?  Did I choose it or was it assigned?  Will it feel completely soul-worn and comfortable?  I would like that.

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  1. Dmw says:

    I have many of the same thoughts. My focus has been on pre-mortal ambitions that I have had only glimpses of, usually when I have made a costly choice and feel Heavens approval for loving Them more than obvious mortal approbation.

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