A New Semester

Tuesday 28 August 2012

This is my very first post on a blog.  I’ve started this blog as a place to write about my life, my memories, my family and the things I love.  I imagine it will be a place to dump random thoughts outside of my daily journal.  Maybe nuggets that would be lost otherwise, or just bits and pieces of who and why I am.

Today was my first day of a new semester at BYU–I’m an old student.  My first ever day at BYU was in 1977.  It’s still a thrilling thing to walk onto campus and find a new classroom at the beginning of a new semester.  I graduated from BYU in 1984.  About 9 years ago I came back, and I haven’t stopped coming back, semester after semester ever since.  Today’s classes number 72 and 73 on my list during these last 9 years.   I’m excited for this semester.  I’m taking a memoir writing class on composing personal histories and a history class called Mormonism Among Christian Theologies.  Only two classes this time.  I’m trying to cut back a bit so that I have more time for writing and research, and a bit of quilting.

This week my daughter, Claire entered the world of BYU.  She moved out Sunday evening sometime after 11 p.m.  She’s had her first 2 days of classes now and I’m doing my best not to hover.  She did call today to see if I’d bring one item to campus for her:  an eyelash brush.  Wow.  I found it by her sink, but I also took her some peaches to feed her soul.  She seems happy and preoccupied.  She has begun to launch.

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