55 Books for a Penny a Piece

I just bought 55 books online.  Maybe that’s why Borders when out of business this year.  There is really only one bookstore I ever walk into anymore and it’s at BYU because of the nice discount they give me there.  I ordered 55 copies of To Our Children’s Children for my FH class members at 1 cent each.  Their retail is $15.95.  Including shipping, I paid $3.99 for my copies, all used, but all in good to excellent condition.  I don’t have a problem with reading a used book.  I love used books.  I love knowing a particular book has filled and continues to fill  the full measure of its creation.  Don’t you think it’s true that the more an item is shared, the more its value increases?  I believe it.

Today a neighbor came to borrow my collection of Dickens DVDs.  She wants to watch them after she finishes season 5 of my Doc Martin DVDs.  I feel the same about loaning out movies.  Every person who borrows them increases their value.  (Or makes it all the more worth purchasing them.)  It seems to me, in the economy of things, that if I’ve paid $24 for a movie, and then I loan it to someone, 2 people have seen a $24 movie, which makes it a $48 value.  And if I loan it to 6 friends, then its value skyrockets to $144.  Nothing makes me happier than to be able to share.  I feel richer every time I do.

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  1. I like those values.

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