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100 Years Ago This Week the Journey Began

On the 12th of September 1912 my Grandmother, Elsa Schaefer left Grossgartach.  She was only 17 years old.  Alone, she came to America.  She carried a small tan, cloth-covered diary with marbled page edges and a small pencil holder stitched … Continue reading

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A Lawn Chair at the Portal

Today I was studying 3rd Century Theology and what religionists then debated as they considered the Nature of God.  Creeds, councils, religious leaders, men thrust into exile,  questions and debates–it was pretty mind-bending to try to try to see things … Continue reading

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“Stored Fountains”

A few days ago I attended Brenda Sederberg’s funeral.  Brenda was a part of our Writing Group until a few years ago when the MS that crippled her kept her from coming.  I never knew Brenda when her body was … Continue reading

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