A Lawn Chair at the Portal

Lawn Chairs

Today I was studying 3rd Century Theology and what religionists then debated as they considered the Nature of God.  Creeds, councils, religious leaders, men thrust into exile,  questions and debates–it was pretty mind-bending to try to try to see things from their points of view when our heads are filled with revelations that have clarified so many questions they spent entire lives debating.   We pray to a Heavenly Father and have confidence in those communications because we are taught how to know Him.

As I was doing all the readings before class, I decided that when I’m in the Spirit world, I want to set up my lawn chair at the portal where people enter so I can watch their expressions as they learn the true nature of Jesus and Heavenly Father.  I want to watch them be welcomed with a warm embrace and words of comfort, love and cheer.  I want to see their faces when they discover the wonder and clarity of it all.

Of course, I will leave that spot from time to time to go to the meadows where my dear African children will enter a lush world of green flora and fauna and crystal clear pools of water.  I just want to be where I can observe pure joy.  It’s one of the greatest desires of my heart.

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