Donut Dialogue — How Could I Forget?

Sunday 5:45 p.m.  Conversation with Claire (18) & Aaron (17), who are in the kitchen making donuts:

“Claire at the stove to mom in the office: “MOM, we need you RIGHT NOW!”

Mom: “Just a sec.”

Claire: “NO, right now– we Need you!”

I went to the kitchen where they’d just taken a pan of hot smoking oil off the burner.

Claire: “Can oil burn?”

Mom: “No, it just gets hotter and hotter.”

Claire: “I think it’s burnt.  I’m throwing it away.”

Mom: “No, it’s fine, just let it cool down a bit.”

Claire: “It will ruin our donuts.”

Mom: “It’s fine, just turn down the flame a bit.  Put a donut hole in and see how it cooks.”

I went to cut a donut hole out.  Claire didn’t let me near the rolled out dough on the counter.

Claire: “Mom, go away now.  We are at an age where we know how to do everything.  We don’t want you hovering over us anymore.  Go away now.”

[I am not exaggerating.]

Mom: “You’re the ones who ordered me to come.”

Aaron: “Mom, go away, we don’t want you here any more.”

Mom: “I’m just trying to help.”

Aaron: “We don’t need you anymore.  Go back to your office.”

Claire: “Yeah, Mom, go away now.”


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1 Response to Donut Dialogue — How Could I Forget?

  1. Riana says:

    Oh my gosh! This post is so funny and so horrifying! My little cousins know more than I do! Haha. I love that you have a blog. I don’t post on mine very often. Maybe I should start again.

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