How Men Cook

The High Priests are in our back yard right now “cooking” the food for our Ward Party tonight.  It’s been interesting to watch how they do things.  First they set up the 2 canopy tents and brought out some reclining lawn chairs, then they unloaded cases of canned foods.  They set up some huge dutch ovens on propane burners.  Then they got out a battery-operated can opener and went to work opening can after can after can.  I watched pork chops layered with Cream of Mushroom Soup.  Two huge pots full.  Then they rested on the lawn chairs.  Then they got some more pots and dumped some canned green beans and bacon in them.  Then they rested.  I think they are going to make some rice too and some dessert that has cake mixes, canned pie filling and soda pop–all dumped into more dutch ovens.  It’s a little scary to watch what I’ll be eating this evening.  I probably should have kept to weeding my garden full of delicious healthy fresh produce.

They’re so proud of their hard work.  They tell us 100 people will come eat this food tonight.  I hope they enjoy it.  I may grab something healthy to eat before the party begins.

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