We are still here

Mayan Oreo

According to Mayan legend, the ancient calendar ended Thursday night at midnight, ushering in the end of the world. We are still here.

I remember many years ago when Adam was in 4th grade, he came home from school one day announcing the world would end in 2012. He figured then that he’d be on his mission when that happened, which, in his mind, meant he’d be taken straight up to heaven. He’s held that thought in the back of his mind all these years, using it from time to time as an excuse for not buckling down to study or to prepare for a future.

When he left for Chile 2 years ago, I sensed that thought was still alive in the back of his mind as he received blessings that clearly spoke of a future beyond his mission. I think the heavens wanted to set the record straight in his mind. He would return. And here we are, in the mornings after. I don’t know that he even knew which day we were on, we are so mixed up with our jet lag. His mind is at ease as he makes plans to go snow boarding with friends. The world is calm. Life continues. We have work to do. Let us all find that work and get it done.

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