Where’s Waldo? Home again!

Mali.2012.Dec.Ann (859)It’s hard to believe that days ago I was hot, sweaty, dirty, and tired, surrounded by beautiful African faces. Now I see snow out the window and I’m listening to Christmas music instead of Muslim prayer calls multiple times a day. I love both worlds, but I especially love the African one.

We had an amazing trip. There were ten of us, including an eye surgeon and his assistants. We screened 100s of people and fitted them with glasses. Paul, our surgeon and the Malian doctors performed 39 cataract surgeries. We saw sight restored to the blind and lives changed. There were so many miracles. It was a thrill to be there. I’ve been typing my journal from the notes I took and will include some stories and photos as soon as they are all organized.

Now I have to think about preparing for Christmas. Shopping seems so pointless after a trip like we just had. We have such abundance here. We have no need for more.

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