Claire’s Feet

Claire's Feet 1 May 2013 (1)
Claire was born with crooked toes. The problem: Bunions. We noticed them when she was a dancing little girl in a tutu. By the time her growth plates had stopped growing, she was a big girl dancer, then a volleyball maniac, then a track star. She had no time in her life for the needed surgery, until this week, after her last finals. Today she went under the knife.
Claire's Feet 1 May 2013 (2)
She especially enjoyed the hospital gown that had air pockets everywhere that inflated with warm air while she waited her turn to see the surgeon.
Claire's Feet 1 May 2013 (3)
They gave her a nerve block in each ankle to numb her feet for the first 6-8 hours. She felt great as we carried her home and set her up in grandma’s blue lounge chair.
Claire's Feet 1 May 2013 (4)
Tonight as the block wears off, the fun will begin. . . . I wonder how much sleep we’ll all get. . . .

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2 Responses to Claire’s Feet

  1. SF says:

    You should post pictures how the recovery went and the final effect of the surgery.

    • Good Idea! She’s just moving back home from BYU this week and is running, playing tennis and biking every week, very happily.
      I’ll snap some photos as soon as I can get her to sit still!

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