United Nations Delegates in the back yard

UN Delegates June 2013 (1)
Yesterday evening we hosted a group of about 150 UN Delegates from all over the world. This was their opening reception and welcome to the USA as they begin a conference hosted by an organization called Family Watch International. It was a delight to visit with many of them and welcome them to our home and beautiful yard. We opened up the Farm House next door so they could walk through a pioneer homestead, and enjoyed some great food while we visited and became better acquainted.

I especially enjoyed talking with many delegates from African countries. I told them a corner of my heart lives in Africa. The Ethiopian delegate was a tall regal man, dressed in traditional brown. I could feel the love he has for his people and country. I imagined the difficult living conditions there, and how it must feel to step on a plane, spend a few hours, and then step off in our breath-takingly spectacular corner of the world. He was a humble, kind man. As he looked around, taking in the beauty of the yard, he seemed to delight especially in the beauty of the flowers and lush greenness of it all. Pointing to a scape of perfectly formed Day Lily blooms, he said, “whenever I see such beautiful flowers, I am reminded of our Creator’s love for us– that he would love us enough to create such beauty.” I understood his words exactly. I told him that being in the yard is a testimony to me that He lives and loves us with perfect kindness and goodness.”

I found my self wishing with all the energy of my heart, that I might somehow capture or package or give him a bit of this beauty to take back with him to his drought-stricken struggling home. I can’t help but believe that someday, in the Next Place, we will be able to share the things we love completely and comprehensively. I’m sure there will be a way. And I look forward to having others share their beauties with me. It will be a Grand Exchange.

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UN Delegates June 2013
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  1. Lorri says:

    Ann, what a beautiful evening it must have been. Your home and yard and compassion reflect some of what the creator has given us to share here on earth. I’m sure their hearts where touched as you opened your heart & home to them. I would have loved to be a butterfly flitting around the garden that evening, listening to and watching the words & expressions that night. Thanks for sharing, I can almost feel what it might have been like, since I’ve felt that loving welcome myself many times.
    Miss YOU!

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