A Man Shower –Another Lewis Family Tradition


Most families have bridal showers and baby showers for their loved ones.  The Lewis family has added another event (or excuse to gather) to our repertoire of family traditions.  Whenever one of the boys gets engaged, we hold a Man Shower.

Man showers are so fun.  They give us a chance to shower the young men with manly gifts–things like a variety of tools, duct tape, tape measures, extension cords, stud finders, BBQ tools, ice chests, body grooming helps, WD-40, garden tools, and car stuff like jumper cables and flares.  Of course each item is given with a bit of practical advice for the soon-to-be-married man.

We also eat man foods.  Like hotdogs, chips and soda with chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  None of that fancy froo froo decorated fare.  We celebrate with gusto because we love our men.  Here’s to Ben Camp, the man of our evening!



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  1. Oh how fun!! :))

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