Theodore Turley’s Final Resting Spot, Beaver, Utah


On the way home from California, we pass through Saint George, then head north for home.  Along the way we pass through a small town called Beaver.  That’s where Theodore Turley lived out the end of his life.

My kids don’t get too excited about all this family history that I love.  I talked John into pulling off for a quick cemetery run to visit Theodore’s grave site.  You will see by my kids’ faces that they posed for a picture under duress.  I told them I couldn’t travel all the way to Toronto to track Theodore, then drive right past his grave without stopping.

Here we are at the grave site:IMG_6111


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  1. chmjr2 says:

    Yup they look thrilled to be there. I like the pioneers logo on their grave stone.

  2. natalie tanner says:

    I have photos with some of those same looks on my kids faces!

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