One Year Anniversary of this Blog!

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An amazing thing has happened.  I have been writing on this blog for one year.  Last Fall I signed up for a Memoir class at BYU and one of our first assignments was to create a blog and write on it several times each week.  It scared me.  I wondered what to say and how to say something outside of my personal journal.  I determined to try because a personal journal is a dumping ground, not a sharing place.  I decided that sometimes it’s good to share.

Now as I look back over the 186 entries made this past year, I feel like some important things have been shared and preserved.  I’m happy about that.  And I’m happy to know that some of you visit from time to time.  Thank you for coming here.  I hope you are also writing your stories and sharing them with others.

“Keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.”

Louisa May Alcott c. 1870

Louisa May Alcott c. 1870


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