Time for a few More Quilts

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I did a quilt trunk show a week or so ago in Springville.  They asked me to bring some of my quilts and talk about how I get so many quilts made while living such a busy life.  The truth of it is that I have hardly touched my sewing machine (except for sewing feminine hygiene shields and pads) since last September!  But I think about my fabrics and quilts and there are always projects swirling about in my mind.

One of the ladies there took my camera and snapped these photos as we unfolded the quilts.  Hope you enjoy them.  I’ll start with a few Christmas ones.

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  1. Joan (Optional) Herrick says:

    Stumbled across this post while strolling through Pinterest. Fabulous quilts!!!! I love them all. Most excellent workmanship and beautiful color and fabric choices. Bravo!!!

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