What are my kids getting for Christmas?

DfG Flannel 2

Too bad they don’t want flannel.
The fabric fairies led me to another amazing flannel sale this week.  It’s so much easier to buy something for someone who REALLY needs it than for those who have plenty.  This carload made me really really happy.  I’m trying to figure out how to convince my kids that this is where the Christmas Spirit can really be found.

Merry Christmas to the girls who will receive these beautiful flannel fabrics in their Days for Girls kits someday!

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3 Responses to What are my kids getting for Christmas?

  1. Kim Walus says:

    What a great find!!

  2. Mahwish says:


    I am actually looking for a supplier of low cost, good quality romper fabric for my start up… could you suggest any? or pass on my name and contact id if you come across any inerested party?

    Thanks a tonne in advance!

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