Missing My Mom

Laemmlen, Grace making donuts

My mom’s birthday was January 14th, the day Aaron flew to Santiago.  I’ve been thinking about her this week, and wanted to pull out this New Year’s Donut photo, probably taken during my high school years.  A couple of times she experimented with other donut recipes that were not our traditional German Neu Jahr Kuchen.  This was taken one of those years.  My mom was a great cook.  She loved being in the kitchen.  She had a natural gift for putting the right ingredients together.  Her cooking was comfortable and good.

Donut Recipe (1) Donut Recipe (2)

Below is our traditional Donut recipe, the one I still use every year on New Year’s.  One of my favorite foods Ever.

Donut Recipe (3) Donut Recipe (4)

Above is my mom’s recipe card and below is mine.  I include both because I love her handwriting and I love seeing all the dates on them, telling when we made them.

Donut Recipe (5)

Donut Recipe (6)

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