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2014-5 Yard Flowers (14)Today I heard about half a dozen different bird calls in the back yard while eating my tomato, cheese and basil sandwich.  The Oriental Poppies are blooming.  They look like crepe paper decorations fluttering in the yard.  The salmon-peach colored ones are breath-taking.  The red ones are garish.

Yesterday I came home to 2 packages from the mail man:  20 shields and 57 liners from a DfG Chapter in Virginia and 16 liners dyed pink from a friend in Fruit Heights.  Also at my door:  57 beautiful shields lovingly made by my friend, LeeAnn in NYC.  I’m so happy she’s back in town for a visit.

I ran into my kids’ piano teacher, Lori Weiss, in the parking lot at WalMart.  She saw my shopping cart filled with clearance flannel and cotton and asked, “Oh, is that for Days for Girls?”  I haven’t seen her an more than a year.  “She knows me,” I thought to myself.

After buying that fabric at WalMart, I wandered through the women’s clothing.  Summer capris were on sale.  I tried some on.  I am no longer a size 16.  I am a 12.

I weigh less than it says on my driver’s license.

I had a long conversation with a dear friend about the miracles unfolding around us as we work on DfG projects.  Her response:  “I am only a peon in Utah but even I can help.”  I smile as I think of all of us–we are simple little individuals, but we are changing the world.

I checked the sale fabrics at Hancock’s yesterday afternoon.  As I stood at the cutting table helping the sales lady unroll bolts of fabric, both of the other women waiting in line said, “Is that for Days for Girls?  We are doing that project in our neighborhood.”  One of those ladies gave me her 10% off your entire purchase coupon because I had more than she had.

Thinking about these things makes me happy today.


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