A Computer Crash

It’s happened again.  My computer has crashed.  I am crushed and crippled.  This time something has destroyed or taken out what they are calling my “profile” which means my computer is a scrambled mess, like a library with no librarian.  The files are all jumbled out of their neat and tidy folders.  And they are telling me about 7000 files are missing from what they pulled off the computer.

One of the worst things is that my contacts seem to be gone.  That means all the names and information about people I need to contact are gone, or lost to my view.  That includes about 2000 family history class members and about 200 DfG contacts that I’ve added just in the last year or so.  I have no way of sending things out to my friends.  I also have no idea who was on which list.  It makes me feel sick to my stomach to think about it.  I am praying we can find a technician who can help fix the problems.

So, I’ve had a restless week, with no access to my computer and my files.  I’m at my desk now, on a laptop with my 2 computer monitor screens blank behind it.   They stare at me, dark and empty.  I have an external drive here, with the things they were able to pull off my computer in their jumbled mess.  My heart feels about the same.

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5 Responses to A Computer Crash

  1. Ad says:

    Sound like you are still using one of Bill Gates old systems :-). Time to switch to an iMac or a powerbook…..?

  2. Sue Williams says:

    Oh my . . . The phrase “Computer Crash” strikes terror in my heart. My laptop is down with the Greek Squad as I type this on my iPad. I was afraid of an imminent crash so am hoping I’ve made a pre-emptive strike. Even without a crash emergency, I stare at my blank spot where my laptop belongs. Good luck recovering and re-organizing your files.

  3. Vicki Lish says:

    Oh, Ann, I am so sorry! You have given and sacrificed for the good of so many people. Please keep us updated on the progress of restoration. I assume because I got this email that you still have mine in tact. God bless you and love you and are grateful for all the wonderful things you have taught me. Sincerely, Vicki Lish

  4. Denice Roney says:

    That is the worst! So sorry. Really the only thing left to do is to go sew a quilt. Your heart will feel better in no time.

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