Feeling Rather Old School

Being around others sometimes makes you notice things about yourself.  Here are a few things I’ve been noticing lately:

I have never colored my hair.

I do not have pierced ears.

My fingernails and toenails are natural.

My eyelashes are natural.

I don’t drink caffeinated drinks or any soda.

I wear the same pair of shoes all summer and another pair all winter.

I cut my hair twice a year.

The only makeup I wear is mascara and lip gloss.

I don’t spend more than $50/year on skin, beauty or hair care products.

I buy most of my clothes at Costco.

I prefer windows rolled down to air conditioning.

Comfort always comes before fashion.

Nutritional value always comes before taste.

I’ve never owned a bikini–I like to dress modestly.

I save money (unless fabric is on sale).

I take short showers to save water.

I can get by just fine with 3 squares of toilet paper.

I wash and re-use baggies and Ziplocs.  Always.

I’d rather go hungry and save money than eat fast food.

I try to avoid using disposable things.

I have no idea how to work any remote control.

I don’t peel carrots or potatoes.

I like to read books made of paper and ink.

I always get a kiss goodnight.

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2 Responses to Feeling Rather Old School

  1. Denice Roney says:

    We have more in common than I knew. Love the list!

  2. Mary Agenten says:

    Wow. That list fits me too. Very reassuring. . . . .

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